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Master's Degree Program

The Master's degree program is individualized and requires a minimum of 30 graduate hours. At least 15 credit hours must be from the area of special education, a 3 credit introduction to research (EDPS 53300), and 6 credit hours must be earned in a related field (cognate).

Students have the option of pursing the Master's in Special Education program on campus or in the new online format. 

M.S. Degree Admission Criteria

Students will be admitted to the Master's degree program on the basis of the following criteria. [Note: Completed applications are the sole responsibility of the applicant.]

Grades - Full admission status may be granted to students with an overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). Provisional admission may be granted to students with slightly lower GPA's with certain conditions stipulated in the acceptance process. For instance, provisional admission might be granted pending the attainment of at least a 3.25 grade point average in the first nine hours of coursework.

Undergraduate Major - Priority will be given to students with undergraduate majors in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Education.

Prior Experience - Priority will be given to individuals who have experience working with individuals with disabilities. Examples include directing a recreation program, working as a summer counselor, tutoring, or volunteering in institutions for individuals with disabilities or in public schools.

Evidence of Commitment - A detailed letter of intent will be required of all applicants specifying their reasons for wishing to receive a M.Ed. in special education. Three references will also be requested and weighed in the evaluation of student applicants. The ability to work well with professionals and children is also an important part of the applicant's characteristics.

The special education faculty will consider applications throughout the year, but early application is recommended. The target date recommended for completed applications for study pursuant to the M.S. degree in the area of Special Education is January 15th for summer and fall semesters, and September 15th for acceptance in the Spring session of the next calendar year.

Full-time students should begin their studies during the summer session in order to complete the degree program by the following spring or summer. Part-time students may begin their studies at any time with the understanding that not all required course are offered every semester.

After being admitted
, students seeking certification are advised to immediately request that their transcripts be evaluated through the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure OPPL.

Students will need to determine which of the following program options they are seeking:
(1) a masters degree and no licensure
(2) a masters degree plus an initial special education licensure
(3) a masters degree plus an advanced licensure (when you already have a license)
(4) licensure only

Once students have a list of their required courses from OPPL, a Plan of Study (POS) can be designed.The POS is individually developed by the student and advisor, and will include required courses approved by an advisory committee and the Graduate School with a minimum requirement of 15 hours in Special Education. (Most Plans of Study exceed this minimum.)

To draft an electronic Plan of Study go to:
2. Academics 
3. Graduate Student Database
4. POS Generator