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Teacher Licensing

Graduates of accredited universities and colleges who wish to enter Purdue University to complete requirements for standard teacher licensure should contact the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure for the appropriate procedures. Graduates who wish to complete advanced licensure requirements may do so on the same basis as other graduate students. Such applicants must meet the general admission requirements of the department and the Graduate School, as well as obtain permission to enter the specific licensure program in which they are interested. Special Transition to Teaching programs are available to competent professionals in fields other than teaching who wish to transition into the teaching profession.

The following graduate-level Indiana licenses are available upon completion of an approved program at the West Lafayette campus.

Administration: District Administrator (Superintendent, Director of Exceptional Needs, Director of Career/Technical) and Building Level Administrator.

School Service Personnel: School Counselor.

High Ability (Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies): (If not already licensed, an additional license area must be selected.)

Exceptional Needs (Special Education): Mild Intervention or Mild and Intense Intervention (for those with or without a teaching license), and Intense Intervention (for those already holding a teaching license).