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Yan Ping Xin

Associate Professor
Special Education
Department of Educational Studies


Dr. Xin's research includes effective instructional strategies in mathematics problem solving with students with learning disabilities or problems, algebra readiness, computer-assisted differentiated instructional system, cross-culture curriculum comparison, and meta-analysis. Recently, she proposed Conceptual Model-based Problem Solving that emphasizes algebraic expression of mathematical relations in word problem solving.

Appointments on National/International Organizations

  • National Science Foundation Panel (2010)

  • Editorial Board
    Exceptional Children, CEC

  • Editorial Board
    The Journal of Special Education

  • Member of the National Advisory Committee for the Praxis Elementary Education test, Educational Testing Service (ETS), 2006-2008.


Ph.D. Lehigh University, 2003, Special Education
M.A. Ed. Lehigh University, 1995, Special Education
M.A. East China Normal University, 1987, Psychology
B.S. East China Normal University, 1984, Psychology

Selected Publications

  • Xin, Y. P. & Zhang, D. (2009). Exploring a conceptual model-based approach to teaching situated word problems. The Journal of Educational Research, 102(6), 427-441.

  • Xin, Y. P. (2008). The effect of schema-based instruction in solving word problems: An emphasis on pre-algebraic conceptualization of multiplicative relations. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. 39, 526-551.

  • Xin, Y. P., Wiles, B., & Lin, Y. (2008). Teaching conceptual model-based word-problem story grammar to enhance mathematics problem solving. The Journal of Special Education, 42, 163-178.

  • Xin, Y. P. (2007). Word-Problem-Solving Tasks Presented in Textbooks and Their Relation to Student Performance: A Cross-Curriculum Comparison Case Study. The Journal of Educational Research, 100, 347-359.

  • Xin, Y. P. & Jitendra, A. (2007). Multiplication and division: In Jitendra, A. (Ed.) Solving math word problems: Teaching students with learning disabilities using schema-based instruction (pp 169-282). PRO-ED, Inc.

  • Xin, Y. P. & Jitendra, A. (2006). Teaching Problem solving skills to middle school students with learning difficulties: Schema-based strategy instruction. In M. Montague & Jitendra (Eds.). Middle School Students with Mathematics Difficulties (pp. 51-71). New York: Guilford Publications, Inc.

  • Xin, Y. P., Jitendra, A, & Deatline-Buchman, A. (2005). The Effects of Mathematical Word Problem-solving Instruction on Middle School Students with Learning Problems. The Journal of Special Education, 39, 181-192.

  • Xin, Y. P., Grasso, E., DiPipi-Hoy, C., & Jitendra, A. (2005). Effects of Purchasing Skill Instruction for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis. Exceptional Children, 71, 379-400.

  • Xin, Y. P. & Jitendra, A. K. (1999). The effects of instruction in solving mathematical word problems for students with learning problems: A meta-analysis. The Journal of Special Education, 32(4), 40-78.


    Recent External Grants Received



    Xin Y. P., Tzur, R., & Si, L. (2008-2013). Nurturing Multiplicative Reasoning in Students with Learning Disabilities in a Computerized Conceptual-Modeling Environment. National Science Foundation (NSF), $3,063,271 ($2,969,894 sponsor cost; $93,377 cost share)




Associate Professor
Special Education
College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2002- 2008 Assistant Professor
Special Education
College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


EDPS 361 Use Assessment Techniques in Special Education
EDPS 362 Organization and Management of Instructional Behaviors and Environments
EDPS 563 Identification, Evaluation, and Assessment of Exceptional Individuals
EDPS 565 Intervention Strategies and Research
EDPS 588 Single Subject Research Design
EDPS 664 Research Seminar in Special Education