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Youli Mantzicopoulos

Educational Psychology
Department of Educational Studies


Research interests include early personal-social development and schooling, social contexts for young children's learning and development, the development of self-competence beliefs, and early teacher-child relationships.


Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, 1989, Human Development-Educational Psychology
M.S. California State University, Hayward, 1981, Educational Psychology
B.S. Deree College, The American College of Greece, 1979, Psychology

Selected Publications

  • Mantzicopoulos, P., Patrick, H., & Samarapungavan, A. (2008). Young children's motivational beliefs about learning science. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 23, 378-394.

  • French, B.F., & Mantzicopoulos, P. (2007) A first- to second- grade examination of the factor structure and stability of the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Social Acceptance with a group of economically disadvantaged children. Journal of School Psychology, 45, 311-331.

  • Mantzicopoulos, P. (2006). Younger children's changing self-concepts: Boys and girls from preschool through second grade. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 167, 289-308.

  • Mantzicopoulos, P. (2005). Conflictual relationships between kindergarten children and their teachers: Associations with child and classroom context variables. Journal of School Psychology, 43 , 425-442.

  • Mantzicopoulos, P., French, B. F., & Maller, S. J., (2004). Factor Structure of the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Social Acceptance with two Pre-Elementary Samples. Child Development, 75, 1214-12


1999-present Professor, Educational Psychology, School of Education, Purdue University
1994-1999 < Lafayette, West University, Purdue Assistant,>Associate Professor: Educational Psychology, School of Education, Purdue University
1990-1994 Assistant Professor: Educational Psychology, School of Education, Purdue University
1989-1990 Lecturer: University of California, Berkeley, Division of Educational Psychology
1989-1990 Lecturer: California State University, San Jose, Department of Teacher Education, Psychological Foundations of Education
1984-1987 Adjunct Faculty: The National Hispanic University, Oakland, CA. Division of Early Childhood Education.
1984-1986 Teacher/Counselor: LaCheim School for Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents


EDPS 235 Learning and Motivation
EDPS 490F Supporting Early Science Learning through Family-School connections
EDPS 533U Introduction to Educational Research I: Methodology
EDPS 534 Introduction to Educational Research II: Measurement
EDPS 535 Personal-social development and schooling
EDPS 633 Educational Psychology Seminar (School Readiness: Research and Policy)