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Teresa Taber Doughty

Professor of Special Education
Associate Dean for Learning
Special Education
Department of Educational Studies


Taber-Doughty's research topics include assistive technology, instructional strategies, community-based instruction, and moderate/severe disabilities.

Submitted Research:

  • Bouck, E. C., Taber-Doughty, T., Flanagan, S., Szwed, K., & Bassette, L. (in press). Is the pen mightier? Using pentop computers to improve students' writing. Journal of Special Education Technology.
  • Taber-Doughty, T. & Jasper, A. (submitted). Assessing educator data reliability: Which method is best?
  • Taber-Doughty, T., Bouck, E. C., Tom, K., Jasper, A., Flanagan, S., & Bassette, L. (submitted). Video modeling and prompting: A comparison of two strategies for teaching cooking skills to students with mild intellectual disabilities.
  • Gama, R., Alberto, P., Bassette, L., Taber-Doughty, T., & Cihak, D. (submitted). Integrating technology and safety instruction for students with moderate intellectual disabilities.
  • Bassette, L. & Taber-Doughty, T. (submitted). Reading with the Dogs- The effects of a canine reading curriculum on the reading comprehension skills in students with emotional and behavioral disabilities.


Ph.D. Georgia State University, 1996, Special Education
M.A. Ed. Georgia State University, 1990, Severe Disabilities
B.S. Auburn University, 1984, Mental Retardation

Selected Publications

  • Taber-Doughty, T., Shurr, J., Brewer, J., & Kubik, S. (2010). Standard care and telecare services: A comparison of two service systems for supporting consumers with intellectual disabilities in their own homes. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.
  • Brewer, J., Taber-Doughty, T., & Kubik, S. (May 2010). Perceived effectiveness of a home-based telecare system for adults with intellectual disabilities in Indiana: A multi-stakeholder perspective. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 16, 265-269.
  • Da Fonte, M. A., Pufpaff, L., & Taber-Doughty, T. (2010). Storybook interactions: A comparison of vocabulary usage. Psychology in the Schools, 47(5), 514-524.
  • Da Fonte, M. A., & Taber-Doughty, T. (2010). The use of alternative communication modes with infants. How early can we start? Early Child Development and Care, 180(4), 417-439.
  • Bouck, E. C., Bassette, L., Taber-Doughty, T., Flanagan, S. M., & Szwed, K. (2009). Pentop computers as tools for teaching multiplication to students with mild intellectual disabilities. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 44(3), 367-380.


2005-present Associate Professor of Educational Studies
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
1999-2005 < Lafayette, West University, Purdue Assistant,>Assistant Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2000-2001 Visiting Instructor, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
1998 Adjunct Professor, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA


EDPS 362/515 Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers
EDPS 405/459 Collaboration and Transition in Special Education
EDPS 573 Medical and Physical Management of Disabilities
EDPS 576 Severely Disabled Individuals: Advances In Intervention Research
EDPS 588 Single Subject Research
EDPS 612 Adv. Applied Behavior Analysis
EDPS 665 Adv. Consultation Models and Practices in Special Education