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About Educational Leadership Graduate Programs

The Ph.D. programs in Educational Leadership at Purdue University develop leaders for the schools of Indiana and the nation. The graduate programs at West Lafayette offer preparation in educational leadership for PK-12 schools and school districts. The Cohort Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership concentrates on K-12 superintendent preparation and features the use of distance education technologies to reach remote sites throughout Indiana. Although it utilizes distance learning technology such as interactive video and on-line conferencing such as Blackboard to supplement class discussions, it is not an on-line degree program.

Our Faculty

Our faculty have diverse backgrounds in P-12 administration. Students are encouraged to work closely with faculty, identify their areas of interest, select a major professor, and submit a plan of study early in their degree programs.

Degree Information

Our graduate programs in educational leadership prepare individuals for a variety of leadership positions in education. We offer Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Licensing for principals and superintendents is incorporated into the degree programs, although some additional coursework, depending on the students previous background, may be required beyond the degree to acquire some licenses. All of our P-12 leadership programs are designed around the building and district level standards established by the Indiana Professional Standards Board.

For principals and other school administrators interested in pursuing an advanced degree part-time, the Cohort Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership offers an opportunity to earn a Ph.D. and superintendent's license by utilizing distance learning technology to deliver courses. A combination of interactive video, Blackboard, and a few Saturday meetings on campus each semester provide students the opportunity to interact with their classmates in other parts of the state.